Should coffee (or coffee makers) be mandatory in hotel rooms?

Cafe ArtigianoI write all sorts of things, and rarely do I rant, but this one merits two blog posts, one when I am actually going to complain about the specific hotel, and another one being this entry. The reality is, I don’t function without coffee, and I don’t function BEFORE I have had my first coffee in the morning. My morning routine includes ALWAYS a cup of coffee (and normally, either answering emails or writing, or blogging, or doing some sort of online activity). I even have coffee before I hit the gym. So when I travel (which I do quite often), I pretty much EXPECT that the hotel I am staying at (unless it’s a total dive, which I wouldn’t stay in anyways) will offer me *some* form of complimentary coffee in the morning.

When I recently stayed at the Camino Real Aeropuerto in Mexico City (review blog post forthcoming), there were no coffee makers in the room. I repeat, NO COFFEE MAKERS IN THE ROOM. Every. Single. Hotel. I have stayed at, in the past 6 years of so, and even beyond, before I started blogging, has had some form of complimentary morning caffeine provision.

So you can imagine my dismay when I realized that the Camino Real Aeropuerto doesn’t provide coffee makers in their hotel rooms. They *used to* (yes, I did interview the staff) but apparently they do not anymore. I just can’t fathom this. Be it a thermos, or bottomless coffee at the dining room or restaurant, as I say every single hotel I have stayed at has had some form of coffee in the morning.

Why would any hotel remove such a basic staple, one that actually one writes about when one does travel writing (I do write about it, and even if I think they should be mandatory, I do appreciate it). In fact, in my posts I normally explain in a couple of paragraphs the differences in coffee provision across hotels. For example, in Quebec every single hotel I visited and stayed at had one-cup espresso machines. Same in Paris.

But not at the Camino Real Aeropuerto. WHY NOT? So, my question to you dear readers, is this a #FirstWorldProblem? Should some form of morning caffeine be mandatory in hotel rooms (well, not mandatory but an expected level of comfort?). Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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Stephen ReesJune 23rd, 2012 at 9:52 am

The “free” coffee in the room is nearly always dreadful. In fact “free” coffee almost anywhere is unlikely to be palatable.

It isn’t free, of course, it’s included in the room price. And usually if there is a sweetener, it is some form of aspartame, and the appalling white lightning – some form of corn syrup instead of milk.

At one time I used to travel with a small kettle which included in the kit a coffee filter as well as two small cups and my own supplies. Mainly tea – which I drink without milk – and Splenda. I think I left it in a motel somewhere. Probably Hope.

You are almost certainly going to be better served if you find a good coffee house and order something made while you watch. Freshness counts with coffee. And it is worth paying for.

SkyeJune 23rd, 2012 at 1:19 pm

I don’t drink coffee, and I would never make tea with water that has been run through a coffee machine to heat it (yuck!), but I do think that in-room coffee is a pretty standard feature. In fact, in-room coffee/tea making facilities are manditory for in Travelodges in Canada and the US. They’re likely manditory for a lot of other North American chains, too. Could franchise standards have raised our expectations for all hotels? I wouldn’t assume that *any* in-room amenity is going to be available unless I’ve confirmed with the hotel in advance. I know of a hotel that doesn’t even have electricity 24 hours a day: they hand out flashlights to the guests so that they can find their way to the bathroom when the generator goes out for the night! Most people think that in-room televisions and telephones are standard amenities, too, but the property we always stay at in Tofino doesn’t have either of these in their rooms… and they don’t supply coffee, tea, milk or sugar (but they do have a coffee machine and a kettle).

GuyJune 23rd, 2012 at 11:45 pm


TylerIngramJune 27th, 2012 at 3:52 pm

There has been the odd hotel we’ve stayed at that hasn’t had an in-room coffee maker. They aren’t very great and tend to make only 1 cup at a time (or so it seems).

Once place we stayed at in Qualicumm though, they brought us fresh milk for our coffee in the morning. Was great :)

The cabin we rent on Hornby has a nice big coffee maker (with built in burr feature) we liked it so much, we put it on our wedding registry and actually got it :)

I think they should offer in-house coffee makers, with a variety of coffees/teas. Those who like cream/milk though, not sure how they will keep that if they don’t have a in-room fridge.

LanoraJuly 2nd, 2012 at 9:25 am

Must. Ingest. Coffee. Before. Leaving. Hotel. Room.

It’s a question of safety, my own and that of anyone I might encounter before caffeination.
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