Te Quiero Asi by Jose Jose and Lani Hall

Te Quiero Asi means, exactly translated into English from Spanish, “I love you exactly like that”. It’s a very old song in Spanish by Mexican singer Jose Jose and American singer Lani Hall. I used to sing it in my teenage years, and as I was tossing CDs in a cleaning up effort, I realized how much I still love this song. It doesn’t really torture me, it’s a song that reminds me that one of my core qualities is that once I love, I love people just the way they are. Exactly like that. And I did the translation myself.

Te quiero así, sin más ni más
(I love you like that, not more, not less)
unas veces dominante
(sometimes dominant)
otras veces soñadora
(sometimes a dreamer)
te quiero amante;
(I love you as my lover)
te quiero así, sin más ni más
(I love you that way, not more no less)
tan violenta como el viento
(as violent as the wind)
pero dulce como un beso a la hora de amar.
(but sweet as a kiss when the time to love comes)

Te quiero así, tu conmigo yo para ti
(I love you like that, you with me and me for you)
inventando un cielo color caramelo, vivir por vivir;
(inventing a caramel-hue sky, living just to live)
Amar por amar, más que amor es ya navegar
(to love just to love, more than love is just navigating)
donde la aventura nos quiera llevar que más nos da.
(where adventure wants to take us, what the heck do we care)

Te quiero así, tan natural
(I love you like that, so natural)
como el aire, como el trigo,
(like the air, like wheat)
con caricias de mujer y piel de niño;
(with woman’s caresses and child-skin)
te quiero así, tan natural
(I love you like that, so natural)
como el agua en que me miro
(like the water I see my reflection on)
que más da rico o mendigo, te quiero por tí.
(what else does it matter if you’re rich or poor, I love you for yourself)
Te quiero así, tu conmigo . . .etc (2 x)
(I love you like that, you with me…”
Te quiero así, sin más ni más.
(I love you like that, no more and no less)

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Molly GromanJune 18th, 2012 at 9:20 am

YESSS! I remember i have heard this song before, and it was around early 90′s when I was in the college, Few of my Spanish friends used to listen to the song, I always found the wordings (though I didnt understand it fully) DAMN romantic..

Wow! thank for reminding my college days and this wonderful song!

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