Car Free Vancouver 2012 (Main Street)

For obvious reasons (Main Street/Mount Pleasant is my neighbourhood, and I always use a sustainable mode of transportation), Car Free Vancouver (now in its 2012 edition) is one of my favorite events, and I am always keen to support it. There is also a lot of good memories associated with it. JT and I would text from one Car Free Vancouver event to the other (his on the West End, mine on Main Street).

Car Free Day Main Street

The first annual Car-Free Vancouver Day, on Sunday June 15, 2008 ushered in the next phase in this bold experiment that had been gradually happening in Vancouver for many years. It took the car-free meme to the whole city, and represented the next level in our evolution toward healthy communities, authentic cultural celebrations, and car-free streets. On that day, FOUR communities presented their own Car-Free Festivals: Kitsilano, West End, Main Street, and Commercial Drive. Each Festival was envisioned and organized by the local core organizers, and each had a unique flavour.

Car Free Day Main Street

Car Free Vancouver is on Facebook and on Twitter @carfreeyvr. Use hashtags #CFDrive #CFKits #CFMain #CFWest when tweeting about your Car-Free neighbourhood. In my case, I will be following #CFMain (click on this link for real time Twitter search through the hashtag).

Enjoy Car Free Day Vancouver 2012 on Main Street on June 17th, 2012 (which also coincides with Father’s Day).

Date: Sunday, June 17th, 2012 (Father’s Day)
Location: From 12th to 29th on Main St.
Time: Festival runs from noon to 8 p.m. and the street is closed from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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