On hiatus for new pitches until June 22nd

Vancouver Lookout at Dusk

This morning I was talking to one of my best friends about how I have finally fallen into a yearly routine where I can recognize things happening in a cyclical way. It’s June, and it’s Bard on the Beach season. It’s also the summer media trips season too. A couple of major social media conferences are coming up (Northern Voice, Social Media Camp, both of which I’ll be speaking at). But at the same time, the academic conference circuit is also beginning and I have to follow through with my own commitments to my scholarly career. So, I’m hereby announcing a hiatus for new pitches until June 22nd. If I already committed to writing something (as I did with Bard on the Beach) or to run/announce a contest (as I’m doing right now), that still stands. Anything new, I will not be accepting until the middle of June, once my schedule has cleared up a little bit. If your pitch is not time-sensitive, do feel free to send it my way. But if it is, I am sorry but I can’t take it. I’m up to my eyeballs.


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