Memorial Day Weekend Destinations in Washington State

Washington State Capitol Legislative Building - front angle

Washington State Capitol Legislative Building. Photo credit: Math Teacher Guy on Flickr

While I do a lot of travel writing, it is actually quite rare that I write about Washington State, despite the fact that I live in Vancouver (relatively close to Bellingham, Blaine, Seattle/Tacoma and in general, all things Washington State). I used to go down way more often when I was doing my PhD simply because I had a brother who traveled through the Seattle and Bellingham airports quite often. I would rent a car and drive down for the day to pick him up, and then drive back.

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Washington State (despite the proximity), but with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and a reminder from my Closeted Canuck and good friend Sue Frause (who lives in Washington State) I figured I’d do a reversal of roles. Sue gets invited by Canadian destination marketing organizations in British Columbia as she loves to promote Canada, and BC destinations especially. So I figured I should also promote, in reciprocation to her, Washington State, a little bit more often.


Snow Lake, Washington State. Photo credit: Brian Holsclaw on Flickr

Sue shared with me a list of Memorial Day Weekend Destinations from the Washington Trails Association, and you can read it here.

If you are Canadian, do you come down to Washington State during the weekend of Memorial Day? Or if you are American and live in Washington State, where do you usually go for Memorial Day Weekend?

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