Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana (Victoria Drive)

Via Tevere Pizzeria ovenNapoletana pizza has become quite a popular item in the 2011-2012 Vancouver food scene, with the emergence of several pizzerias, including Nicli Antica Pizzeria, NOVO Pizzeria, Verace Pizzeria, Pizzeria Farina, Famoso, Pizzeria Prima Strada in Victoria and a few others. Interestingly enough, I have tried many of these recently in the last little while, and thus I am able to form an opinion of my favorite (and least favorite). Via Tevere Pizzeria on Victoria Drive, located one block away from Commercial Drive, and in the residential area is one of those non-pretentious, unassuming, relatively small spaces that provide nutritious, substantive, tasty and flavourful thin-crust Neapolitan pizza.

And one of the best I have tried in recent years. Moreover, the fact that it is located on Victoria Drive in the residential neighbourhood rather than on Commercial Drive is something that makes Via Tevere Pizzeria more appealing, and you will understand my reasoning if you read my posts on the economic geography of the lower West End. By doing some of this reading you’ll know the reason why I am so keen on being a customer of restaurants/grocery stores who are located within the residential area: – I am a bit fixated with urban/industrial/residential transformation.

Lorraine and I visited Via Tevere Pizzeria last week and ordered just one pizza (Vesuvio, $15) and a glass of wine ($6) and sharing one pizza was more than enough for both of us as we were just having a snack. I suspect that one pizza would be enough for a single person if you are hungry enough (which to be honest, I wasn’t really very hungry, and neither was Lorraine). What I found very surprising is that Via Tevere Pizzeria was so unassuming and the pizza was so delightful and filling. The crust was not doughy and the amount of food that covered my pasta was more than enough to make it worth the price I was paying.

Overall, Via Tevere Pizzeria ranks as one of my favorite pizza places, and one that is not just “Uncle Fatih” kind of pizza. Definitely up there to compete with Famoso, Nicli and Prima Strada, at the very least. And in such a secluded location that it’s not so mainstream. I’ll definitely be back to Via Tevere Pizzeria.

Disclosure: I paid for both of our dinners on my dime. As always I retain full editorial control over anything I post on my site.

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