Bike to Work Week 2012 (Vancouver and British Columbia) May 28th – June 2nd

Bike parking in Victoria

I wish I could say I feel safe enough with the insane drivers in Vancouver to bike to work during British Columbia and Metro Vancouver’s Bike To Work Week 2012. The reality is, I have NEVER felt safe enough to bike within the confines of the city of Vancouver. My feelings of safety increased (a little) when Mayor Gregor Robertson decided to build dedicated (and separated) bike lanes on some of the major arteries downtown, particularly those that go near my office on West Hastings and Richards (the bike lanes were set up on Dunsmuir and Howe).

Regardless, there are many a brave soul in Vancouver (and by Vancouver I mean, Metro Vancouver and in British Columbia in general) who use bicycles as a main mode of sustainable transportation (I use Skytrain and bus transit, and walk), so to those brave souls, just a quick reminder that it’s Bike To Work Week on May 28th through June 2nd (I won’t be here, I will be in Waterloo at Congress 2012).

Cycling to work is a great way to add activity to your day, saving time by combining a work out with your travel needs. We want to help you arrive at work energized and full of endorphins year round.

Bike to Work uses events and friendly competition to encourage avid cyclists and new riders alike to try the trip to work on bike. Our website offers year round tips on safe cycling, along with workplace and individual workshops on skills and bike maintenance.

The Bike to Work Week events happen once in the spring and once in the fall, with an interactive online tool to map and track your trips, enter prize draws, compete with other organizations, and win fabulous prizes and awards, all for free! Chart the benefits: kilometres, calories, carbon savings. Challenge a friend or co-worker; challenge yourself and discover how fun it is.

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