Nelson The Seagull (Gastown)

I have an ambivalent feeling, not towards Nelson The Seagull‘s staff, location and food (which I absolutely loved, so much so that I blurted out quite loudly that I was annoyed by the six or seven hipsters who were hogging tables AT LUNCH TIME), but towards the price of their food. Admittedly, sandwiches in this part of town (Gastown) are now going up to $10-15 per sandwich for lunch, but I think that is a little bit on the excessive side (particularly when you can have a fantastic lunch at MoMo Sushi for $7. I am not kidding).

Prices aside, the staff at Nelson The Seagull are amazing, the ambiance is really nice, the room is spacious and comfortable. All ingredients to make your sandwiches are made in house. I ordered a roast beef sandwich (which was big and I wasn’t really hungry afterwards) with hummus and pesto. The roast beef was great, and the hummus had the perfect blend of spices. At a $10 price point, and with a very small portion of salad to go, it was a bit on the expensive side of things (and I just realized that Nelson The Seagull does brunch, which is much cheaper).

Nelson The Seagull (Gastown)

Overall, I have to say it was a pretty good, sizable sandwich for lunch. But I wish the prices of sandwiches in Gastown hadn’t gone up that much, because you can certainly tell that they are going up fast. That happened with the sandwich shop at Social Le Magasin and it seems to be an upwardly trend. This notwithstanding, I’ll definitely come back to Nelson The Seagull, particularly because I want to try their brunch.

Bread and coffee. That pretty much sums up what we are all about. At least it should, if you have the same romantic visions of how bread and coffee should be done as we do. Nothing instant, no flavour shots, no anonymous frozen ingredients, nothing wrapped in suffocating plastic and no destroyed, decaf, coffee. Just fresh bread, along with local organic fare, great company, sun stained afternoons and the best espresso we can pull.

Disclosure: I paid for my lunch on my own dime.

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