The Marquis (South Granville)

The Marquis (South Granville)You know those hidden gems that I’ve been writing about lately? I don’t know how but I always happen to come upon those. The Marquis in South Granville (between 10th and 11th Avenue on Granville) is one of those hidden gems. I think it’s because it’s kind of hidden, and people don’t seem to realize it’s there. But yes, it is actually classy as it portrays itself (although I am not sure why they added the TV screens)

The Marquis (South Granville)Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have added the TV screens, I like the room nice as it is without them! My good friend Jana and I arrived there right after the Live At Squamish launch party at the Commodore (it was a tad too noisy for me, thus we decided to head to The Marquis, a place I had been wanting to check for YEARS. Yes, you heard me. In my decade(s) of living in Vancouver, I had NOT checked The Marquis. I am glad we did, not only because we had a fantastic time, but because I got the Assistant Manager (Jenna) to create a sweet drink on my name (The Hummingbird, so if you like sweet martinis, you should totally ask Jenna to make you one).

That is, you should ask her to make you a Hummingbird; she will know what that means.

Nowhere else will you get the opportunity to enjoy the superb variety of authentic dishes presented in such elegant style and ambience. Truly a celebrated marriage of old and new, served to you in the tradition of European graciousness. Our menu offerings are prepared by accomplished chefs who are equally at home with native dishes and international haute cuisine, with this blend of preparation and style of service European gastronomie comes into its own and takes its rightful place. The Marquis offers a totally new way of casual dining, a place where traditional rises to new levels of continental elegance, yet remains very much at home. An experience that is at once European and cosmopolitan Canadian. Sooner or later a restaurant like this had to be created.

I think both Jana and I agree that The Marquis is everything it promises to be and more. While we only had an appetizer and a few martinis, I think the experience overall was fantastic. Rarely have I felt more at home than at The Marquis. And the martinis aren’t out of your range ($10-12 is a bit on the higher end for a martini, but these are VERY strong and VERY well made). Overall, I will definitely return.

Disclosure: Both Jana and I paid for our own drinks on our own dime. Nobody expected us to write a review, and as usual I retain full editorial control over anything I post on my site.

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PhaedraApril 25th, 2012 at 4:49 pm

I will have to try it out when I come to the city next. I am, however, quite curious what is in a Hummingbird martini. Sounds like sex in a glass.

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