Happy 6th Blogiversary, @hummingbird604 #6yrsHB604

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6 years ago, I decided to start writing an online journal to chronicle my life in Vancouver. It was (as it continues to be), my personal canvas: the place where I write my view of this amazing city. You’ll see: the way I see it, I am the poster child of success in Vancouver. This city’s real estate may be unaffordable, prices may be high, salaries may be low, but you know what? I love Vancouver. I really do.

It’s the city where I have blossomed and flourished.
It’s the city where I have found lifelong friends.
It’s the city where I found love. Where I fell in love.
It’s the city where I found myself. Where I realized who I was and the full potential I had.
It’s the city where I went from being a PhD student to having a fairly well-read blog, and creating an intense and fulfilling life, all the while continuing my academic life.
It’s the city where I have taught some of the smartest university students in my career.
It’s the city where I have had my base, where I have been afforded to travel to places I never thought I’d see, to do cool things I never thought I would do.

I love Vancouver and I am proud of the last 6 years where I have written my life in this amazing city, with extraordinary people who work hard every day to make the best of what they have been given in this town. I am proud of the friends I have made, the colleagues I have interacted with and undertaken projects with. I am proud of the people I have mentored, including (for the first time in my career), my two interns (Anabelle and Jessica). I am proud of my former students, who have gone on to succeed worldwide and who still keep in touch with me. I am proud of the communities I belong to.

4,050 blog posts.
6 different social media platforms.

And most importantly: 6 years of amazing experiences I would never trade back for anything in the world. To the people who day after day, religiously, continue to read Hummingbird604: you are, in great part, the reason why I continue to face (on rare occasions) negative comments, online attacks. You are the reason I continue to organize contests. You are the reason why I continue to paint the canvas of my life in Vancouver: to share it with you. To promote local businesses, charitable causes, and others. Not to promote myself, to promote others!

If you want to give me a 6th year blogiversary gift, please do something nice for someone today. It may be, buying the coffee of the person next in line at the coffee shop. It may be buying a warm meal for a homeless person on the street. It may be taking to lunch someone who is facing financial difficulties and can’t afford it.

Thanks for making of Hummingbird604.com what it is today. I wouldn’t be here without my online community. Without all of you.

Postscript: The past two years I have organized a party to celebrate my blogiversary. I may do so this year, but I’ve been so incredibly busy with the end of the academic year that I haven’t planned for it.

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gusfApril 23rd, 2012 at 8:57 am

Congrats! An amazing 6 years Raul. I’m still amazed at how you do it all.
gusf recently posted..The Waiting Game

RussellApril 23rd, 2012 at 12:55 pm

Congrats on your 6 years!

EsmirApril 24th, 2012 at 10:08 pm

Congratulations my dear friend :) I wish you many many more blogiversaries.
Esmir recently posted..Guildford Town Hall: Pipeline, Illegal suites, Sustainable energy, Community pool and ward system

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