On being driven…

Parksville from the Beach Club Resort

I am at an incredible point in my personal life and academic career. I am enjoying my research, I have a fantastic research team (incredibly smart, motivated, confident, independent and self-starter students, and bright colleagues and collaborators), I have a wonderful teaching assistant and my research trajectory is flourishing. I have never felt more confident. Or at least, I can’t remember feeling this way. But the great thing is – it’s all associated with my professional life. I really couldn’t care less about my personal blog right now. Of course I write, of course I get pitched and write occasionally on projects I’m interested. But because of the workload I have in my academic life, right now blogging on here takes a fourth or fifth priority. And I’m giving myself again permission to do that. I’m blogging less because I’m writing academic stuff more.

And it feels glorious… I have never felt more driven.

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