Notturno Paninoteca (Gastown)

I had tried Notturno Paninoteca earlier at the Tastes of the World event that Richard Wolak organized, but I had never actually sat down and had a sandwich there. And frankly, it’s one of the most under-rated and delicious sandwiches I’ve had in a long, long time. I think it’s because Notturno Paninoteca is hidden on Carral Street and people in Gastown seem to rarely venture in that direction. But they’re wrong, because they definitely need to visit Notturno Paninoteca.

My good friend Degan Beley (whose palate I trust with my life as she’s also a food writer) took me to Notturno Paninoteca the other day for lunch and I definitely loved it. The extremely friendly staff, incredibly tasty food and unbeatable location (2 blocks away from my office at The Network Hub) make Notturno an option for lunch that I really want to try again soon.

Notturno Paninoteca (Gastown)

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I ordered a Calabrese panini (Notturno specializes in paninis, which means I probably should bring JT here for dinner), which I had to modify as to remove the cheese. The delicate mixture of flavors (spicy capicollo, spicy eggplant, and spicy sopresatta) make the Calabrese panini ($9.5) a delicious lunch option if you are in the Gastown cluster. Worth trying and coming back. And even more fun? Sharing a meal with my friend Degan. As I vouched earlier this year, I’m now concentrating on spending time with the people I love and who love me instead of trying to be at 4,432 events. And it’s a strategy that is working amazingly. Go visit Notturno Paninoteca, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it (and they have a fabulous wine list!)

Disclosure: Degan paid for both of our lunches on her own dime. As always I retain full editorial control on everything posted on my site.

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