The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

flying pigI have to admit that when I heard the name “The Flying Pig” as applied to a restaurant, two thoughts came to mind: the first was “is this restaurant a pork-focused one?” and the second one was “don’t people say ‘flying pigs’ as a phrase indicating the impossible?”.

Yeah, well, the owners of The Flying Pig (in the heart of Yaletown on Hamilton Street) definitely have a couple of items with pork, but the mainstay of the menu isn’t pork. Beyond the funny name of the restaurant, The Flying Pig does achieve the impossible: fantastic service, excellent food and wonderful ambiance.

With an innovative lunch menu that doesn’t break the bank and a very solid list of wines, The Flying Pig keeps it simple yet creative. Even on a rainy day, the warmly decorated room looked gorgeous (there is lots of wood in there) and the service was fantastic. Our server was very attentive and prompt, and answered our questions with some good suggestions for lunch. I went with the chalkboard suggestion (Halibut in a pesto-garlic-creamy sauce on pappardelle pasta, $15) and my good friend (and keynoting coach) Janice Tomich (who was the one who invited me for lunch in the first place) ordered a salad ($7) and a fantastic pea soup. Let me tell you it’s worth going to The Flying Pig for the pea soup alone.

The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

I know what you’re thinking. The Flying Pig? You must have lots of pork on the menu, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. To be honest, our menu breakdown has a wide range of items and, yes, a small portion can be pork. The Flying Pig represents our desire for you to see the impossible happen every time you visit us. As seasoned veterans in our field, it’s is our obligation to exceed expectations and we never forget “that you’re only as good as your last meal”. Our backgrounds are influenced by a strong Canadian work ethic and our roots are planted in kitchens all around Vancouver. We refer to our restaurant as a “nouveau Canadian Bistro”… offering a simple, seasonally inspired menu with fresh, local ingredients at a great value. Our open concept kitchen brings the Chef to your table, delivering a memorable overall dining experience.

While I expected a tasty lunch, I did not expect THIS GOOD of a lunch. Honestly, the halibut was cooked just perfectly, with a tasty slight crust that brought the halibut flavour out. The creamy Pesto sauce had just enough garlic to make it appealing to a garlic-addict like me, and was perfectly well matched with a few heirloom tomatoes for presentation (and flavour).

The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

Definitely, I have found just found one of my favorite restaurants, one where I will be bringing out-of-town guests for dinner and a very special someone for lunch. I couldn’t have asked for better company to share this new gem of a discovery than my friend and keynoting coach Janice Tomich. And the wine I requested to accompany my meal (a delicious Washington-State Riesling) will be featured on my Wine Wednesday post. In summary: The Flying Pig is definitely worth the visit.

Disclosure: Janice invited me for lunch so our meal was on her own dime. As always, I retain full editorial control over anything I post on my site.

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MoniqueApril 4th, 2012 at 10:43 am

OMG, looks delicious. And I love the logo/brand.
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