4 years on Twitter – 4,000 posts later

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My sixth year blogging is coming up next month (April 2012), and today was my fourth year anniversary on Twitter (you can follow me should you wish as @hummingbird604). It’s been 4 very interesting years and it coincided with my 4,001 blog post. I’m not 100% sure why almost 9,500 people would choose to listen to what I post on Twitter, but the reality is, at the core, I think I have always been a community builder. It’s in my blood and in the way I relate to people. As I joked on Twitter today, I may not know everyone, but I am sure I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who may be able to help you.

I am very privileged to have solid business, personal and collaborative relationships with a number of brands, individuals at all levels of government, businesses and startups. I love the connectivity that Twitter has brought to me. I love having the opportunity to support non-profits, the arts community and the local food industry, highlight the beauty of this province and this wonderful country that adopted me.

It’s not been without its challenges. I have had attacks online on a regular basis ever since my blog’s readership grew. And on Twitter, there is always someone who will dislike me and what I have to say. See, that’s the beauty of social media: you choose who to follow. You choose to listen (or not). And I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities that I am afforded and for the contributions the people who chose to be connected with me make to my life. I hope I enrich their lives equally and in the same way.

Happy Twitter and blogiversary to me!

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