Wild Rice (Gastown/Crosstown)

So, I willingly went out for Chinese food (well, fusion Chinese if you want to say so). I have always liked Wild Rice, but as I’m not really crazy about Chinese food, I rarely go and seek to eat at Chinese-themed restaurants. Thus you can imagine JT’s surprise when I actually said “well, you seem to enjoy Chinese food, so why don’t we eat at Wild Rice Downtown before going to the movies?”. As expected, we had a fantastic time and the food was excellent.

wild rice began as a simple thought from Andrew Wong. his wish was to create a socially conscious restaurant serving local cuisine with influences from his Chinese heritage. The space is a blend of yin and yang, east and west, traditional and modern. as in traditional Chinese cuisine, the menu offers numerous dishes for sharing. where they diverge from tradition is in the ingredients, presentation and style. As a proud member of OceanWise, Green Table and Shark Truth, wild rice is committed to serving ingredients that are local, seasonal and sustainable. the wine list reflects a thoughtful selection of the best from BC and west coast vineyards.

We probably ordered way too much food (and way too-large-sized plates), but I have no shame in admitting that I brought dinner home for 3 days in a row and I did not repeat a dish each night. It also helped that I was sick, so having leftovers was extremely useful. And the overall bill (about $56 for two people) wasn’t also huge if you consider the large size portions.

We began with a buddha’s curry on jasmine rice $14 with maple hill chicken (an additional $6), a chinatown sweep ($15) and we completed our meal with a spicy maple hill chicken kung po ($19), twice cooked peanuts, broccoli, rice noodles. My photos are not of the best quality as I did not have a macro lens with a DSLR (I only used my iPhone camera!) and there was mood lighting so it was pretty dark. Since I don’t really eat Chinese I can’t comment on the actual preparation of the food, but I loved the taste, and the portion size was quite reasonable.

Wild Rice (Downtown/Chinatown)

Wild Rice (Downtown/Chinatown)

Wild Rice (Downtown/Chinatown)

I definitely enjoyed dinner and will look forward to visiting again some time soon.

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Disclosure: I paid for both of our dinners on my own dime.

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LisaMarch 22nd, 2012 at 9:46 am

Their kung po chicken is truly the best in town!!

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