Temaki Sushi (Kitsilano, Arbutus and Broadway)

There are few people in this town whom I trust blindly when it comes to their food choices. One of them is my very good friend Cassandra Anderton who writes Good Life Vancouver. Cassandra suggested that whenever I am tired and coming back from the university towards my house (on the 99 B Line) I should stop on Arbutus and Broadway (now that the 99 B Line stops right there) I should eat sushi from Temaki Sushi. Her recommendation was spot-on.

Temaki Sushi (Kitsilano)

Our definition of Temaki Sushi is “Japanese food hand-made with passion and creativity”. We are simple people with a strong passion for good food. We believe good food means enjoying every bite. It is important to us that you taste the freshness and quality of each ingredient, the combination within each roll, the sauce and little details that goes with each dish. Opened since 2003, we consistently strive to create high-quality food at reasonable prices, within a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Temaki Sushi (Kitsilano)

I found the prices of other items (not the rolls and the nigiri) a bit more expensive than other sushi places I know, but as far as rolls and nigiri, I am definitely delighted. The rice is well made, fresh, not cold, just the right temperature, the right amount of vinegar, and the spicy salmon roll was really interesting (my favourite is still MoMo Sushi)

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Disclosure: I paid for my dinner on my own dime.

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