Kiso Island (Mount Pleasant, 12th Avenue and Main St)

The truth be told, I am wondering if the owners of Kiso Island must be the owners of Kishu Island (which got burned at the corner of Broadway and Main). I say this because the name sounds familiar and similar, and the sushi also tastes similar. Good sushi, but not something to call home about. It’s of good enough quality and I would definitely stop here for the gyoza and some of the special sushi pieces, but for traditional, standard rolls, I am still a fan of MoMo Sushi. Kiso Island is decent sushi for where it is and what you need it for.

Kiso Island (Main and 12th Avenue)

The avocado roll and the yam tempura roll were both good, I won’t deny it. But the spicy tuna roll was meh.

Kiso Island (Main and 12th Avenue)

The gyozas were delicious, that I will concede. Overall, I’ll come to Kiso Island again, but mostly when I’m away from MoMo Sushi or Sushiyama or Hime Sushi (all in the vicinity of Main and Broadway). It’s inexpensive sushi, but it’s not the best in town.

Kiso Island (Main and 12th Avenue)

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Disclosure: I paid for my sushi dinner on my own dime.

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Anastasia E WhiteMarch 7th, 2012 at 2:43 pm

For inexpensive sushi on Main Street I’m rather fond of Dream Sushi Have you tried them yet? And thanks for the reminder about Sushiyama, I’ve been there a couple of times and enjoyed it but, seeing as I rarely walk down that block, I forget about them.

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