Guu Otokomae (Guu Izakaya, Gastown)

Few things make me happier than dinner with one of my closest friends (Air). She is fond of the Guu Izakaya family (I have my reservations, mostly because of the attitude on the Thurlow one), but since she is, as I said, a very close friend of mine, I decided to go with her instinct. And I’ll have to admit that, for someone who translates Japanese food into “oh my God I need sushi so I’m going to run to MoMo Sushi”, it’s always interesting to try out izakayas. So we went to try Guu Otomokae (the Guu Izakaya that is located in Gastown).

I was crazy about trying this Japanese style Ahi tuna steak, and I think we expected something very different but we ate it nonetheless. Moist and tasty, but not extremely flavourful.

Guu Otokomae (Gastown, Guu Izakaya)

This dish, I was totally surprised by how much I liked it.

Guu Otokomae (Gastown, Guu Izakaya)

While the mixture may look gross at the beginning, in the end it’s incredibly tasty, a Kimchi Pork Bibimbap.

Guu Otokomae (Gastown, Guu Izakaya)

And the reality is, who doesn’t love tempura shrimp bathed in spicy sauce. I certainly do! These are called Ebimayo. Absolutely delicious.

Guu Otokomae (Gastown, Guu Izakaya)

I tend to like thick slices of seared tuna in a spicy noodle bedding, but that’s just because it’s one of those dishes that I had at April Point Resort and stayed with me. Guu Tataki, if I’m not mistaken.

Guu Otokomae (Gastown, Guu Izakaya)

Dessert was simply absolutely delicate. Bananas, deep fried batter and ice cream? Sign me up! The Banana Tempura was one of the best dishes we tried. Overall an amazing evening with a great friend.

Guu Otokomae (Gastown, Guu Izakaya)

Disclosure: Each of us paid for our own dinner

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DilaraMarch 5th, 2012 at 2:37 pm

I love the food at Guu Gastown! Next time you must try the cheese & mushroom bibimbap and maguro with 5 sauces. The latter is hands down my favorite dish at that location. Chopped tuna sashimi topped with avocado & wonton crisps, surrounded by this magical sauce made up of, you guessed it, 5 different sauces. It’s just super fresh, creamy and delicious!

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