The Crab Shop (New Westminster, River Market)

The reality is, River Market is poised to be one of the best markets/development zones in the Lower Mainland, and specifically, it’s demonstrating how local businesses in New Westminster can thrive when being surrounded by an ecosystem of wonderful shops. It’s amazing how many different businesses are now located at River Market, and how complimentary they are. We all need to eat, and there’s a number of options for you within the configuration of River Market. One of these cases is The Crab Shop.

Want fresh crabs? We’ve got the freshest catch in town! Owner Marcel Gregori takes pride in personally catching local crabs daily during the crab season. Once the crabs are caught, they are immediately transported off the boat to The Crab Shop. They are then processed and ready to enjoy in the form of cooked, freshly shelled crab meat or ready-made crab cakes on your plate that evening. You can’t get any fresher than that!

But wait, we’re not just about crabs. We also offer the freshest selection of wild seafood and shellfish. The majority of our seafood is brought in fresh and filleted on site. The catch we display is always of the highest quality.

I ordered a salmon-patty burger $4.75, which was more than enough to satisfy my hunger. It took all of 6 minutes to cook, and while I did not order any side dish, like fries, I really found the patty extremely well done, moist, fresh and flavourful.

Salmon burger from @theCrabShop @rivermrkt #NewWest

I would definitely recommend The Crab Shop to anyone who wants to come to New Westminster, because it’s right by the water. During the summer, this will be one of the best places for lunch. If you are into seafood, you MUST visit The Crab Shop. There’s a very broad menu waiting for you.

Disclosure: I paid for my lunch on my own dime.

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