Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen (Fairview Slopes/South Granville)

So, full disclosure: I hated The Red Door (the previous incarnation of Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen near 14th Avenue and Granville) and thus I had avoided a visit. But since I was going to the opening night of Calendar Girls with one of my very best friends, and Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen is literally 2 blocks away, I figured I might as well bite the bullet (literally). So, I dropped by for dinner with AF and I have to admit, I really, really liked it.

From the website of Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen here is the motivation of why the owner opened it:

“I’ve been to places that served great craft beer, but the food was mediocre; others where the food was great, but the atmosphere left you feeling cold, and others that were actually pretty inviting, but had nothing of interest to drink. That’s why I wanted to open Luke’s Corner Bar and Kitchen. It’s a local place that focuses on good music, a fantastic bar, and most importantly: great food, great people and a great vibe- the kind of place a South Granville tavern should be. Drop by Luke’s and we’ll show you what a tavern’s really all about.”
You’re welcome here.

And yes, welcome is exactly how we felt. We arrived with a little bit of a time constraint (we arrived at 6:15pm and we were going for a 7:30pm show), and we informed the hostess and the waitress of how time-starved we were. They both were incredibly friendly, and despite having a full house and lots of customers, provided us with our food on time, it was tasty and we were out right on time for the theatre show.

Luke's Corner Bar & KitchenThe prices are very inexpensive, which is rather unusual for the location (this is over-priced South Granville, after all). We ordered an $18 Dine Out Vancouver menu, and were not disappointed. I started with a Caesar salad with crispy prosciutto (who can say no to prosciutto) which was so filling I had a hard time finishing it off.

Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen

My main course was pecan snapper, in a bed of rice and veggies. I have to say, this was tasty but I’m so used to strong flavours that I probably would have appreciated some tapenade on the side, or some hot sauce. Good, nonetheless. And not only do they offer inexpensive food and drinks, and good service, they are also Ocean Wise partners AND offer a gluten-free menu.

I’ll have to come back again, after discovering that yes, second parts sometimes are good, and this reincarnation and transformation of the location a previously not-memorable restaurant into a very good one signals probably a lot of good things to come for Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen.

Disclosure: I paid for both of our dinners on my own dime. As always I retain full editorial control on what I publish on my site.

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