Consistently achieving your goals: Be disciplined


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I am often flattered that people think that I am an overachiever. False modesty apart, I am very lucky to be able to complete as much in the time I have during the day. The reality is, my mind wanders all the time. I am excited by so many things, thinking of all the great stuff I could do and when it comes down to having to finish everything I commit to do, it’s often hard. So you may ask yourself, how do I do it all, then?

Here are 3 things I do and all of them have one word in common: DISCIPLINE.

1. I’m disciplined in my blogging.

Even on the days I don’t want to write anything, I still make it my priority to at least, answer emails, check who won my contests, write down ideas for posts, etc. I keep the discipline of dedicating at least one hour (and right now, I’m hoping MAXIMUM one hour) to my blog.

2. I’m disciplined in my academic work.

Even on the days I would rather sleep in, I still try to write bits and pieces of my research. I review a draft manuscript, I write an abstract, I add a couple of pages to my book manuscript, I review graphs, or I read journal articles. I always dedicate at least 6-7 hours of my day to my academic work.

3. I’m disciplined in my consulting work.

Even on the days I would rather just go out, I still try to update myself, read e-newsletters with tips on how to do what I do as a consultant better, improve my speaking and training skills, rethink how I will write my slides, and network. Since much of my consulting involves training, speaking and mentoring, I work every day at least 3 hours of my day in improving that.

The bottom line: It’s all about discipline.

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