Colourful World with the Turning Point Ensemble (guest review by @rsaloust)

On Sunday, January 29th, I spent my evening doing exactly what I wanted to do. I sat for two hours listening to music with my Mom. I was fortunate enough to win Hummingbird604’s contest and attended Turning Point Ensemble’s Colourful World. I was drawn to the contest due to my love of Claude Debussy, but found I enjoyed other pieces presented, as well.

The night began with a performance of Morton Feldman’s A Very Short Trumpet Piece. Sitting in the third row, I viewed a stage devoid of performers and heard the trumpet play somewhere in the darkness behind me. In those four minutes, I felt somewhat disconcerted, but enthralled by the haunting melody. The stage was lit and filled with performers for Rain Coming by Toru Takemitsu, but it was Debussy’s Cello Sonata that truly illuminated the room. Accompanied by the piano, the piece is challenging for the performers, but incredibly engaging for the listeners. Cellist Ariel Barnes certainly rose to the challenge and played the piece magnificently. The first half of the evening concluded with Rodney Sharman’s Chamber Symphony. Unfortunately, for me, I found the piece impenetrable. It was like looking at a blue dot on a white canvas that you know should have a hidden meaning, but you conclude it is too well hidden for you to find. By contrast, my mother seemed to discover it and found a great deal to interest her in the symphony.

The second half of the concert began with another Takemitsu composition, Archipelago S. I enjoyed this considerably more than Rain Coming. According to the program, “the title describes an imaginary archipelago made up of five real islands, widely separate in the natural world, each island’s name beginning with an ‘S’.” The ensemble was grouped into sections, including two clarinets played on either side of the theatre, above the main stage. I really felt as if the islands were having a dialogue with one another across the windy ocean and that was incredibly powerful. Finally, the performance ended with Debussy’s Jeux. I enjoyed the playfulness of the piece and the constant changes in tempo. It was a nice, light ending to a truly enjoyable evening.

I’d like to thank Raul for the opportunity to attend the concert and write this review.

Disclosure:Rebecca Saloustros was the winner of my tickets’ giveaway for Turning Point Ensemble’s concert Colourful World. She kindly agreed to write a guest review for my site. You can read her bio below:

Rebecca Saloustros is a writer and has recently co-authored and edited a series of textbooks. She loves classical music and jazz and studied singing, piano, and music theory. You can check out her blog at How Lucky and follow her on Twitter @rsaloust.

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