on the edge at the @BelfryTheatre in Victoria, BC #yyj (Guest review by @anabellebf)

on the edge at The Belfry (review) (yes there is no capital to the title)

Hi everyone! So glad to be back on Hummingbird604 to review on the edge by Michelle Riml, a local playwright from Vancouver.

on the edge explores the lives of three women: a fashion addict, an RCMP officer and a housewife learning yoga. Funny at first, the three segments quickly move to touching and even tragic. Through imagined dialogue with the audience or invisible characters, these women eventually reveal their flaws, hopes and tragedies.

The writing was impressive. The room could move from roaring laughter to deep silence in the space of minutes. The three women all felt different and yet could all be sides of the same person, at one point or another in their lives. I liked the last segment a little less than the first two because it was a bit too metaphorical, but I also realize that it was necessary in the development of the character and of the play as a whole.

Susinn McFarlen was magnificent in her portrayal of the three characters. Each had a soul of her own and she moved from a Loboutin-wearing West Vancouver wife to a manly RMCP officer as easily as we change clothes. Vancouverites will have the chance to see her in The Arts Club’s forthcoming production of Henry and Alice: Into the Wild!, also my Michelle Riml.

The set was simple and effective, respectively portraying a podium, an office and a yoga studio. The prominence of white emphasized the blank slate and the epiphany that each woman experiences at the end of her segment. Black accessories accented it when necessary: a black table and chair, black yoga mats. The whole was appropriate and did not distract from McFarlen’s performance.

on the edge is on at The Belfry in Victoria, until February 26th. Please do have a look if you want some touching and provoking theatre!

Disclosure: Anabelle attended on the edge on media tickets generously offered by The Belfry Theatre. As always I (Raul) retain full editorial control on what is published on my site. You can read more of Anabelle’s writing on her own blog and follow her on Twitter. Also, if you are in the Victoria area, Anabelle is on the job market! Consider hiring her. Thanks as always for writing a guest post, Anabelle!

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