Scoozis & Cassandra’s Wine Room (Downtown Vancouver, Financial District)

Obviously because of my good friend Cassandra Anderton, anything with the name “Cassandra” and “wine” makes me turn my head twice and think of her. Well, recently my good friend Minna Van and I went for dinner to Scoozis Mediterranean Grill, which is also (on the other side of the restaurant) Cassandra’s Wine Room. Located at the very heart of the Downtown Vancouver Financial District, Scoozis is a total gem. Even more amazing, it wasn’t packed at the time we went for dinner (5:45pm or so). It was semi-full both on the side of Scoozis Mediterranean Grill and on the side of Cassandra’s Wine Room there was ample space.

Scoozis Eatery (Howe and West Hastings, Downtown Vancouver)

Minna ordered an orange juice and I had a glass of Zinfandel (delicious, I might add). Minna ordered a Minestrone Soup with a Greek Salad side order and I had a Spicy Meatballs Platter, which comes with a lot of salad and tzatziki sauce. Having had all sorts of Greek food, I’ll say that Scoozis ranks high on my list the next time I have to come for dinner downtown. It’s really a hidden gem, and the owner warmed our hearts by welcoming us saying “I am very glad you are here for dinner tonight”. Genuinely interested in their customers.

Scoozis Eatery (Howe and West Hastings, Downtown Vancouver)

Scoozis Eatery (Howe and West Hastings, Downtown Vancouver)

The Spicy Meatballs Platter ($13.50) worked perfectly I think because I wasn’t terribly hungry, but I probably would have ordered a larger portion size dish had I been really hungry (for example, I saw a delicious salmon dish that looked totally like a dinner plate). My meatballs were very well cooked and the tzatziki was of really good quality. Even though they weren’t super busy, I have to admit that the speed at which they served us was really impressive.

Overall, a very nice gem of a find. I did not realize that a downtown restaurant in the very core of the Financial District would be so nice. And so welcoming to children. Moreover, if you are downtown on a weekend working at your office, they also offer lunch AND brunch. I’ll have to come with Ianiv and Arieanna some day as it’s literally 2-3 blocks from Waterfront Skytrain Station. Scoozis and Cassandra’s Wine Room are great finds for dinner in the downtown core, and great value for money.

Scoozis Eatery (Howe and West Hastings, Downtown Vancouver)

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Disclosure: Minna paid for both of our dinners on her own dime. We were generously offered a complimentary dessert, but we did not expect this, nor does this influence my review. As always, I retain full editorial control over anything I post on my site.

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