The Bengal Lounge at The Fairmont Empress (Victoria, BC)

Considering how little time academics have to eat, let alone eat AND socialize, I feel blessed that my good friend Janni Aragon (Political Science, University of Victoria) had the time to come meet me at The Bengal Lounge at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC, for lunch. We both teach in respective Political Science departments and carry a fairly busy research, community service and teaching agenda.

But we had the chance to meet for lunch and we decided to splurge and go to The Bengal Lounge at The Fairmont Empress. I had stayed at the Empress before, but never made the effort to eat at the Bengal Lounge. So, I’m glad we did. We both ordered the buffet and I can tell you, I have NEVER had THIS MUCH FOOD in my entire life. Even as I was full I kept going back.

Bengal Buffet Lunch at The Fairmont Empress

The Bengal Lounge : Drawing inspiration from Queen Victoria’s role as the Empress of India, this colonial style lounge is known throughout Victoria for its authentic curry buffet and signature cocktail menu. While new restaurants and lounges appear in Victoria regularly, The Bengal Lounge is a favourite of residents and visitors alike. Overlooking our stately gardens, the richly appointed Bengal Lounge offers not only a delicious curry lunch and dinner buffet but also an impressive international à la carte menu. Cocktail and martini aficionados will appreciate our vast selection of signature drinks.

Bengal Buffet Lunch at The Fairmont Empress

Bengal Buffet Lunch at The Fairmont Empress

Bengal Buffet Lunch at The Fairmont Empress

Oh, and the desserts. Did I tell you about the desserts?

Bengal Buffet Lunch at The Fairmont Empress

Bengal Buffet Lunch at The Fairmont Empress

Bengal Buffet Lunch at The Fairmont Empress

If you are hungry and it’s my fault for showing you just how delicious the Bengal Lounge’s buffet service is, you’re welcome.

Disclosure: I paid for both Janni and my lunches on my own dime and did not receive any special treatment by the Bengal Lounge. As always I retain full editorial control of anything I write on my site.

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Comments (2)

DilaraJanuary 20th, 2012 at 8:32 am

I’m surprised to hear you enjoyed it. Hubby & I tried the famous curry buffet for lunch last summer while we stayed at the Empress and were thoroughly dissapointed. The majority of the dishes were bland and not very flavorful. While the variety was certainly there, it was nothing special. We just expected more due to all the hype we’d heard about the Bengal Lounge, plus at $25 per person it’s not exactly cheap eats. Next time I might order a la carte and see if I fare any better.

RaulJanuary 22nd, 2012 at 11:44 am


Who knows what the difference was between summer and winter (I had this over Christmas), but I agree – if it’s bland, definitely at $25 per person (we paid a bit more than that), it’s not cheap eats! Sorry to hear about your bad experience!

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