Caffé Barney (Broadway and Main, Mount Pleasant)

Caffé Barney is one of those solid, Vancouver institutions that serves reliable, comfy, honest-to-goodness food that doesn’t break your wallet. BUT it surprised me (very pleasantly) when I invited my friends HF and family for brunch along with our common friend ML and they were INCREDIBLY accommodating to HF and IT’s children (4 and 2 if I recall correctly). So, they earned brownie points on my book.

Cafe Barney (Broadway and Main)

Long story made short? Also, short post because I can’t find the damn website for Caffé Barney. Brunch was fabulous, chorizo scramble on a bagel with potatoes, and I really enjoyed it. The chorizo was quite authentic (I’m not sure if it was Mexican or Spanish, but it did taste spicy just like I prefer it), and the scrambled eggs were fluffy and savoury, without being runny. I would definitely give Caffe Barney a try again.

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