My 2012: A reduced blogging schedule with fewer projects and more collaborators

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You may have seen this one coming. I announced last year a blogging hiatus and this year I’m indicating a reduced blogging schedule. What happened in 2011 that made me reconsider the way I approach blogging? Well, for starters: I had to hire help. And for seconds, I just can’t keep up. Last year I had the heaviest teaching load I ever have had (5 courses in total) and that nearly destroyed me. Not even waking up at 4:45am I could deal with everything I set to do. And now that I’m having insomnia, it’s not helping either. So I have decided that I am only going to take on the projects I actually realistically can do.

This means as well that the likelihood that I will accept a multi-post, travel-type kind of project will be higher, whereas smaller projects I might not have the time to blog about them. You may wonder “well, you could possibly copy-and-paste the press releases on to your blog“. Yeah, no. That doesn’t work for me. It will detract from my hard-earned SEO and it really won’t add as much value. I have tested copying-and-pasting press releases on my blog’s Facebook and Google Plus pages and people seem a bit more receptive there.

What does a reduced blogging schedule mean for the Vancouver arts community (given that so much of my blog’s focus is dance, theatre, music, etc.)? Well, what that means is – if I can attend the play and/or the music show and/or the dance show, I will (and write about it through at least one of my social platforms). But this also means that I may just do what I started doing last year: passing on the opportunities to other bloggers, like Lauren Kresowaty (who herself has a background in theatre!) or Anabelle Bernard Fournier (my former intern, who also writes her own blog), or ask other friends to guest-blog on my behalf, like the lovely Dianne Chow did this past year, and like Lois Patterson has done a few times (or my friends Minna Van and Lisa Thomas-Tench, who also have written some guest blog posts for me).

What this means in terms of sharing the pie and still providing exposure while maintaining my sanity is that there will be more people who will be sitting at the table and sharing from the collective pie that is the wonderful opportunities that I am afforded. By connecting PR folks who pitch me with other local bloggers, I am able to still play a key role in fostering the growth of our local communities. And it will also enable other voices to come to the forum.

I will still keep my trusted contacts and networks at hand, and whenever possible, I will work on specific blogging projects. But you will not see the usual 5-7 blog posts per day. You may, however, very likely see a couple of new books I’m working on! All of this is part of my resolution to, in 2012, embrace change.

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Lois PattersonJanuary 3rd, 2012 at 5:36 pm

Raul, thanks for the mention! What you plan to do is eminently sensible. I hope people realize how many cultural opportunities there are in Vancouver; I feel very fortunate to get to attend many events, and I try to convey that.
Lois Patterson recently posted..Dandy in the Underworld, Jan. 8, 7 PM (part art class, part cabaret), $12

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