HP Gear Messenger (laptop bag review)

HP Gear MessengerThere are few things I like more than reviewing gear, equipment and nerdy/geeky stuff. And since I just received an HP Gear Messenger as part of a year-end event swag by Hewlett Packard Canada (their Vancouver store), I thought I’d write about it (I’ve been using it for my 15″ Acer laptop). Because of the fact that I travel so much (and the fact that I now own 2 laptops), I’m always looking for gear that enables me to travel and be productive on the go. I’ve previously reviewed one laptop bag portfolio style (the Jett Spire) and one laptop bag backpack style (Kensington Countour) and the HP Gear Messenger is pretty much portfolio style but it’s primarily, almost 100% targeted towards the frequent traveler (like yours truly) who needs compact laptop bags with fast access to the laptop for security screening.

For those looking for something more than just a way to carry your notebook, meet The HP Gear Messenger. Familiar, 100% cotton canvas material is soft to the touch yet strong and durable to last. The padded notebook compartment protects your investment and is a TSA-friendly design to speed through airport security. With it’s combination of style and toughness, this messenger bag is at home in the office or in the wild.

The good:

  • This laptop bag is extremely compact and allows you to travel light.
  • Has a number of compartments that are useful to pack wireless mice, a cell phone, pens, note pads, and even the power cable of your laptop.
  • The separate (cushioned) compartment to store a 15″ laptop allows you to open it and keep it separate from your other gear. This is quite handy when you need to travel as much as I do.

The bad:

  • The bag is small, so if you are a bookworm, you can’t carry as many books as you would with a larger laptop bag.
  • There is no actual compartment for water bottle or coffee mug. In the case of someone as clumsy with coffee travel mugs as me, this is perhaps a good point rather than a bad one.

HP Gear Messenger

Overall: I love the HP Gear Messenger. It’s fantastic to just bring my laptop and a very limited number of books or notes or files along with me. If I bring my HP TouchPad with it, I can basically avoid bringing books as long as I have the files stored as PDFs on my TouchPad. Overall, really nice and I love its functionality. And from the website, I find that it retails $49.99 (which is relatively reasonable).

Disclosure: I received a free HP Gear Messenger from HP Canada as part of the swag provided when attending a year-end media event. I was not paid nor required to review the laptop bag, but I thought my readers would benefit from reading my review. As always, I retain editorial control on anything I publish on my site.

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Comments (2)

Chris (@lyteforce)December 27th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

Not that I need another messenger style bag, but how sturdy is it? I’ve found that my canvas bags don’t appreciate the abuse I put them through on my day-to-day commute.

RaulDecember 28th, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Definitely, Chris. At least it’s been really good for me!

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