Woodwards Windows (Christmas at Canada Place)

Christmas at Canada Place (Woodwards Windows)

In the past few weeks I have been either sick, overwhelmed with grading or simply exhausted and haven’t had the time to do anything that remotely resembles holiday traditions. So it was quite coincidental that I visited the Woodwards Windows that Canada Place has for this Christmas Season, with my very good friend Harmony and her family (who are in town visiting for a very short while).

At @CanadaPlace seeing #Woodwards windows w Harmony and her family

In the 60′s & 70′s in Vancouver, Christmas meant heading down to the Woodward’s Department Store with your family or sweetheart and seeing the display windows come to life with Santa, his elves, “The Lamplighter”, teddy bears and more. When Woodwards’ closed in 1993, Canada Place purchased the windows and since then they have been a part of the holiday magic at Canada Place adding nostalgia and romance to Christmas in Vancouver.

Since I haven’t lived in Vancouver for that long, obviously many of these cultural references are foreign to me. But at least I’m really glad that I get to enjoy them while I live here.

Christmas at Canada Place (Woodwards Windows)

Christmas at Canada Place (Woodwards Windows)

More details on the program can be found on the Canada Place website. It was great to see these lights while visiting with close friends.

Christmas at Canada Place (Woodwards Windows)

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