Mucho Burrito (Davie and Burrard)

Weird. Totally weird. I did NOT expect to actually like Mucho Burrito. But I did. And the worse part? I enjoyed how authentic it tasted. I should have my Mexican card revoked! Large-sized burritos with healthy helpings of beans, guacamole and rice, as well as different kinds of meat (and they had my favorite, Tinga Poblana). So, I will fully admit, I will come back for lunch here.

Mucho Burrito

Get ready to change your tune about what you think Mexican food is! Mucho Burrito™ hits just the right notes with our made-to-order gourmet Mexican menu. Just one taste of our hand-rolled burritos, tacos and quesadillas will tell you how much effort we put into our mouthwatering products. We’ve put a fresh gourmet spin on Mexican food! Our tender “barbacoa” (shredded beef) and “carnitas” (shredded pork) are slow-cooked (about 8 hours!), retaining the tantalizing flavor of the Mexican seasonings we amply apply. There’s a reason these meats are marinated overnight – it’s called “succulent!” Delicious salsas and guacamoles are made daily. Mucho Burrito™ offers it all in a bright, fun contemporary atmosphere you’re sure to love.
Johnny Mucho

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Disclosure: I paid for my lunch on my own dime.

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