HP Esteem Backpack (17.3″) [laptop bag review]

HP Esteem Laptop BagSo, before I go all giddy about how awesome this backpack case for your laptop is (which it is, I will fully admit), let me say out front that it *looks* like it’s out of stock and not produced anymore. At least, that’s what I found when I first searched for it on Google. The HP Esteem Backpack I purchased (for a 17.3″ laptop) at the HP Store in downtown Vancouver (on Alberni) is an extremely reliable, robust, ample and solid backpack for your laptop. From the Amazon review site, and from the actual HP site I could grab some characteristics:

A classic backpack designed with an interior padded, Velcro-secured notebook compartment, two primary storage compartments and adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps. This backpack is the perfect solution for staying organized and keeping your notebook well protected while on the go.

The characteristics as noted by the manufacturer:

  • Fits Notebook PCs with up to 17.3″ diagonal screen
  • Protect your notebook in the padded, Velcro-secured inner compartment
  • Dual padded adjustable shoulder straps help to evenly distribute your load
  • Includes two front pockets for easy access to your cell phone, keys, and airline ticket
  • Warranty:One-year, worldwide parts-and-labor limited warranty; 24×7 HP technical phone support during warranty period

I will fully admit, again, that I got this for a bargain. The price as noted online is $39.99 and I got a 50% discount on it at the HP Store (probably because either it’s no longer being produced or for some other reason). But I can totally vouch for this laptop bag. It’s probably one of the most sturdy laptop bags I have ever used. Maybe not as ergonomic as the Kensington that I used to have, but definitely robust.

HP Esteem Laptop BagMy 17″ laptop is no longer working properly so I’m really not using this one very much (although what I love is that not only does it have enough room to carry lots of books AND my laptop bag). And as I paid a bit more attention, it looks from the HP Canada website that you can buy it online. I would definitely recommend it. It has lots of additional pockets, and the front pocket in the lap that covers the books zone is extremely handy for papers, passport or things like that.

The laptop itself is inserted into the back pocket (and it’s padded), and because of the design of the shoulder pads, it’s pretty ergonomic. I had absolutely no complaints. I also carried my coffee mug in the side pocket with mesh (which is for that purpose, I assume). Unfortunately I spilled coffee on this laptop bag and thus I had to give it a wash, but it seems to have resisted it pretty well. Recommended, definitely, particularly for those folks who like me, travel a lot. It is somewhat more professionally looking than other laptop bags I’ve seen or used (although the Spire is pretty good, but the Esteem looks more professional than the Kensington).

Disclosure: I bought this laptop bag on my own dime. I have no financial relationship (or otherwise) with Hewlett Packard Canada (although they have in the past sponsored giveaways of mine). I just thought I’d share with my readers my recent equipment purchases and how they’ve worked for me. As always, I retain full editorial control on my site of anything I have published.

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