Sunset Burgers (Yaletown)

As I said on Twitter, Sunset Burgers kind of looked pedestrian as I walked by, but the truth is, the local is extremely clean, well kept, kind of looks like a small diner (hey with Yaletown rent prices, I’m sure they can’t do more with the space they have!). And the burgers are DELICIOUS. I have been looking for an inexpensive burger I can grab on my way home when I am in Yaletown, and Sunset Burgers seem like they’ll be my go-to place for the time being. I’ve done Vera’s Burgers but as I add more and more things, my usual $9 burger goes up to almost $20, which is ridiculous for a burger joint. So, I’m quite pleased with having spent less than $11 for a burger combo here at Sunset Burgers. I’ll definitely be back.

Sunset Burgers (Yaletown)

Disclosure: I paid for my dinner on my own dime.

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