Hamilton Street Grill (Yaletown)

I now understand why Arieanna said it was her favorite restaurant a couple of years ago when I requested a list of the favorite restaurants of people (remember that post?). We went for dinner to Hamilton Street Grill recently to celebrate Arieanna’s 30th birthday, and the experience was simply spectacular. The service was outstanding (my waitress was definitely an absolute sweetheart), and the company was bar-none. Airdrie and I had a fantastic time catching up at Arieanna’s birthday, and it was great to see other close friends of both the Schwebers and myself.

Located in the trendy Yaletown area of the city, the Hamilton Street Grill has a great location. It is close to everything, whether you are interested in sporting events, the theatre or a special concert by that big-name entertainer. This converted warehouse now features high ceilings, rich oak and a long bar where you can enjoy wines by the glass from the extensive wine list. The Hamilton Street Grill is a contemporary steakhouse featuring Certified Angus Beef along with a large selection of fresh seafood entrees.

Admittedly, the Hamilton Street Grill touts itself as a steakhouse, and I recognize if people think it’s kind of ridiculous that I stuck to seafood at a steakhouse, but I’m not terribly drawn to steak in Canada (Mexico, that’s another thing). Besides, the food was SO DAMN GOOD. I ordered Garlic Prawns (pan seared with garlic butter and lime) to start ($12, not a bad price point for an appetizer, but on the higher end of the scale – this is Yaletown, after all). I wish my prawns had had MORE garlic, but what they didn’t have in garlic sauce they made up with garlic bread. Really nice presentation too, and huge prawns. I could have had the prawns for dinner and be happy.

Arieanna's 30th birthday at the Hamilton Street Grill

For dinner, I chose the wild salmon with vegetable risotto and balsamic reduction ($24, at the medium-high end of the scale, but pretty common for any restaurant that does fine dining, and a really big portion). The salmon was cooked perfectly, it was flavourful without being overpowering. It also included some shavings of green onion that complimented the slightly tart flavour of the risotto.

Arieanna's 30th birthday at the Hamilton Street Grill

I could have stopped there but I ordered a chocolate mousse for dessert ($8, in hindsight a mistake because I was too full to eat it all). Drinks at the Hamilton Street Grill are delicious but lethal (I had chocolate martinis at $10 and a couple of other nice sweet martinis, which totally gave my wallet a big hit)

Arieanna's 30th birthday at the Hamilton Street Grill

Overall, I totally would come back for dinner to the Hamilton Street Grill, but perhaps be a bit more frugal (there’s plenty of good items that are great value for money and that I could have had, but I went all out – also, the drinks added to my bill!)

Disclosure: I paid for my dinner on my own dime. No portion of our dinners was complimentary. We didn’t receive any special treatment even though it was Arieanna’s birthday (we didn’t expect special treatment either). Chef Neil Wyles did kindly recharge my iPhone for 30 minutes, though, as the battery was totally depleted.

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DiyyinahJune 3rd, 2012 at 12:00 am

So…not the kind of restaurant to give the birthday celebrant complementary dessert?

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