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No, before anyone thinks that I’m all for corporate travel or that I’ve sold out, I have NEVER received any form of compensation from WestJet, neither in the form of payment nor as a complimentary flight. Hell, they haven’t even sponsored any of my events, or giveaways. But the fact is that this year I flew WestJet for the majority of my national travel (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton) and I had an excellent experience every time.


This time, I flew from Vancouver to Calgary to visit my brother and his family and attend my nephew’s baptism. And for the first time in MONTHS, almost a year, I had the chance to sit down, relax, have a cup of coffee and read the Vancouver Sun from cover to cover. I bought a pair of noise-cancelling ear buds ($10) and listened to my iPhone’s iTunes library on the way from Vancouver to Calgary.


The crew was incredibly friendly and our flight was absolutely flawless and seamless. The landing, the take-off and overall flight were extraordinary. I hope I will always have this level of good service from WestJet!

Disclosure: I have never received any complimentary items, or travel points, or free travel, or anything from WestJet. I have just received some of the best service whenever I travel. It may be just my sheer good luck, but I can’t recall ever having a bad experience with WestJet. As always, I retain full editorial control of anything I publish on my site.

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Kirstin @ The Olive SeedDecember 8th, 2011 at 9:29 am

Noise cancelling earbuds for $10?!? Where?!? Also, I love Westjet too. I flew them over 100 times in the 3 years I worked for a Calgary-based company while living in Vancouver. I could probably still recite the emergency-row speech… Look outside for fire, smoke, water or debris…. Hahah :)

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