The Sandbar (Granville Island)

The Sandbar (Granville Island)The hardest thing about writing a blog that has extensively covered the food industry in Vancouver, the lower mainland and all across Canada is that I often have a huge challenge in finding new restaurants that are close by to wherever I need to be. Luckily someone recommended The Sandbar and I took JT there before we went to the theatre.

The Sandbar (Granville Island)

You may know that The Sandbar is recognized for its seafood, and thus I was actually looking forward to trying some of the dishes that were made with seafood. I never, unfortunately, come out for dinner hungry enough to eat 2 or 3, let alone 5 courses’ meals. Which is good because The Sandbar had just enough food.

The Sandbar (Granville Island)JT and I were going to check out a play on Granville Island and I had to find another restaurant I hadn’t written about, and despite the fact that I’ve eaten at other Sequoia Group of Restaurants locations, I hadn’t ever written about The Sandbar (and yes, I had eaten here before!). He ordered a Sweet & Sour Wok Chicken wonton crisps ($11) which he loved (arguably, he loves Chinese food and this variation made by The Sandbar is pretty tasty).

I ordered a salmon burger (salmon burger with homemade tartar sauce, choice of mixed greens or fries, at $15 pretty much around the same price point as other local restaurants). In my case I did a 50/50 of fries and greens (I love the fries at The Sandbar). The salmon was perfectly cooked, the tartar sauce was exquisite and it was really filling. I probably shouldn’t have had the fries because I was full by the time I was done with my burger. Overall, great seafood as usual (I remember previous visits to The Sandbar being also really good).

The Sandbar (Granville Island)

Disclosure: I paid for both of our dinners on my own dime.

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StevenDecember 3rd, 2011 at 9:55 am

Hi Raul,

Wow, you an active person I read your about… I must say you also take some great food shots… I seen food shots before but never really paid attention till now. The story of your experience going to this real neat resturant and there after kind of gave the whole deal a new perspective. I’m into landscape photography and also love seafood being from New England and about 30 minutes for the ocean. I would like you to stop by my new blog sometime and check out our coastline shots. I going to be writing about the best mirrorless dslr cameras going forward soon.

So till then Raul great blog indeed…

StevenDecember 3rd, 2011 at 9:56 am

Sorry for the type O’s lost without word…

LeslieDecember 3rd, 2011 at 2:48 pm

I recently went to the Sandbar as well. I was impressed. My party was seated next to the window, which had an amazing view of the city and the water. I love the floating boat. Great picture.

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