Dunn’s Famous (Vancouver)

I love poutine even if that means I have to eat my poutine WITHOUT cheese curds (I know, the purists among you will say that poutine REQUIRES cheese curds). Anyhow, poutine, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, all of those dishes are pure comfort food. JT wanted some comfort food and he does love poutine, so I told him about Dunn’s Famous (I had been invited to the opening but I decided not to write about it until I stopped by and paid on my own dime).

An iconic Montreal smoked meat restaurant and delicatessen has opened its first western Canadian location in Vancouver. “Dunn’s Famous” is a truly loved Quebec institution founded in 1927 by Myer Dunn. It uses traditional recipes that include unique brine, proprietary light rye sourdough bread and always hand sliced, prepared to order, your-choice-of lean to fat, double A beef brisket smoked for 17 hours then steamed for 3 hours immediately before serving.

The first west coast location offers all the Montreal favourites; Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, reuben’s, poutine, a gravy covered hot chicken sandwich reminiscent of a 1960’s diner, and their famous baked cheesecake as well as new, locally inspired recipes with a Montreal twist. The menu includes matzoh ball soup, a spaghetti slathered in rich tomato meat sauce and chopped smoked meat (a top three favourite on the Montreal menu), all day breakfast items and a children’s menu – Co-General Managers Stuart Heaven and Francis Lo think the six varieties of poutine will be popular with the late night crowd as well and with the kitchen open until 1 am on weekends and midnight on weekdays, it marks a return to late night dining in downtown Vancouver.

"Dunn's Famous" Montreal Smoked Meat Restaurant & Delicatessen

On to the food and service. The food was, as predicted, comfort food (and I’m surprised that JT loved it, as he’s got a palate that is hard to please). He ordered a Super Montréal Smoked Meat ($10.99, 6 oz hand sliced smoked beef brisket on light sourdough rye). And in my case, I ordered Hot Chicken ($11.99, two rivers free run chicken breast on sliced white bread covered in gravy,topped with “mushy” peas).

Dunn's Famous

I will fully disclose that while we tried really hard to finish all AND a strawberry cheesecake, we just couldn’t finish the cheesecake. We were SO. FULL. I definitely will come back again and again to Dunn’s Famous. I may not miss Montreal as much as Anabelle does, but by heck, I totally love comfort food that is affordable and tasty.

Dunn's Famous

Disclosure: I paid for both of our dinners on my own dime. As always, I retain editorial control over everything I post on my site. I was invited to the opening night of Dunn’s Famous but I did not write about it as I wanted to ensure to come and eat and pay by myself and write just one review.

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Comments (2)

BethDecember 2nd, 2011 at 1:29 pm

You can’t have poutine without any cheese at all. Purists will say that you must use curds, but i don’t see how you can say you eat poutine without any cheese… that’s just fries and gravy, dude.

Also, did this place have spruce beer, by any chance? Because that is my favourite Montreal thing EVER! I would sell my first born for a place in Vancouver that sells spruce beer!

AnabelleDecember 2nd, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Spruce beer, hah, it’s been a while.

And of course I miss it more than you, my family is there. Doesn’t mean you can’t miss it either ;)

My own review of the Dunn’s poutine will be up… Monday I think? Anyway, glad you did stop by too :)

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