The American Cheesesteak (opening/media event)

While I’m on a blogging break, I had already been invited (and committed to attend) The American Cheesesteak opening a few weeks ago). Chef Anthony Sedlak, let me tip my hat to you: you know how to introduce a concept to Vancouver foodies that is iconic from Philadelphia (hence the Philadelphia cheesesteak) and reminiscent in some ways of the Mexican torta (although the bread’s form is not the same, it sort of has that same feel of inexpensive, filling, honest-to-goodness sandwich).

Located on Davie between Howe and Granville, I was pretty impressed with the way the event was run. Chef Anthony Sedlak was on hand to talk to each and every one of the media and VIP guests, and while I had no room in my stomach to eat ANYTHING, I did try a few of the cheesesteaks. And more importantly, I got a chance to talk to friends of mine, like Mary Sheridan (Mary in Vancity, who already wrote about the event), Sean and Leila.

The American Cheesesteak (Davie and Howe, West End)

The American Cheesesteak (Davie and Howe, West End)

The American Cheesesteak (Davie and Howe, West End)

The American Cheesesteak (Davie and Howe, West End)

Anthony Sedlak and Raul Pacheco

Photo credit: Mary Sheridan

Now, you’ll probably wonder how I eat a cheesesteak without actually eating cheese? Well, I’ll be honest – I had no problem at The American Cheesesteak, as there are a few variations that can be made without cheese. I will definitely come back, because really, it’s an inexpensive, really filling and tasty approach to eating comfort (and kind-of-gourmet-fast) food.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the media event so this post does not constitute in itself a review. I will return for a visit on my own so I can form my own opinions (but from what I ate, it was REALLY good). As always, I retain editorial control on anything I write on my site).

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Ian YNovember 30th, 2011 at 12:13 am

OMGGGGGGGGG…i wasnt hungry..but I AM NOW!!! haha

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