Crepe des Amis (River Market, New Westminster)

Let it be known that I hold my own when I chat with the owners of Crepe des Amis (in French). I may not speak the most perfect French, but at least I can order my food. The owners of Crepe des Amis are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and they’ve been incredibly supportive of our New Westminster campus at The Network Hub located in River Market. When we organized Freelance Camp Vancouver 2011, Crepe des Amis were generous enough to offer a really sweet deal for lunch for our attendees.

I had been wanting to try a savoury crepe so a couple of weeks back, Jay Catalan (cofounder of The Network Hub), Brigette Mayer and I went downstairs from our New Westminster campus to get a crepe. Mine had chicken, tomato and a ranch sauce that was absolutely glorious (and for the first time in a long time I’m quite happy with my photograph!)

Crepes des Amis (River Market, New Westminster)

Even more amazing: 97% of people who have rated Crepe des Amis on Urbanspoon love it. You should really check the ratings up, because the comments are completely true. This place is a hidden gem.

Welcome to Crepe Des Amis , a local creperie which creates fresh whole wheat sweet and savoury crepes daily in New Westminster. We also serve savoury fusion crepes with a twist along with organic coffee, refreshing floats and delicious frozen yoghurt & tofulati treats…

You should totally check it out (and then come upstairs and check the New Westminster campus of The Network Hub!). River Market has so many cool things to offer. And did you know that someone drove all the way from Port Moody to come and visit Crepe des Amis? Yeah. Read the Urbanspoon comments. And then come to Crepe des Amis.

Disclosure: We all paid for our lunches on our own dime.

Crepe Des Amis on Urbanspoon

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PamelaNovember 4th, 2011 at 8:47 am

Great review. Thanks for spreading the New West love, Raul.

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