The Lund Hotel (Lund, BC)

Whenever I travel, be it for my academic purposes, for pleasure or on assignment for a media trip, I always make a point of asking the locals for stories and anecdotes. And apparently, The Lund Hotel used to have a ghost (most people that I talked to said that it was supposed to be ‘haunted’) but despite our best efforts, the ghost didn’t come and disturb our sleep. Or chat with us. Darn.

In fact, I was quite positively impressed with The Historic Lund Hotel. Modest in the exteriors, its interiors are incredibly welcoming, and the staff are a wonderful bunch. We were given a brief tour of the hotel, including its restaurant (which was very cool, each table had historical photographs blown up to larger-than-life size). We were also given a geography lesson as I did not realize how much activity happens in the Sunshine Coast.

The oceanfront, 1905 Historic Lund Hotel is located at the tip of BC’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, the Gateway to the renowned Desolation Sound near Powell River. Since built by the Swedish Thulin brothers who founded Lund, the hotel has served as the heart of this quaint village. After falling into disrepair in the late 1900′s, the hotel was purchased by its’ current owners in 1999 and has undergone an ongoing series of renovations. The hotel now features 31 renovated guest rooms that range from budget friendly units to lavish boutique style suites, all of which offer clean, bright decors and modern amenities. Our pub, restaurant and decks feature unobstructed ocean views and outstanding dining. We look forward to your visit.

The Lund Hotel

The Lund Hotel

Outside the Lund Hotel you can find the marker for Mile Zero of Highway 101.

The world’s longest highway, the Pan-American (also named Highway 101 in parts of the United States and Canada), stretches 9,312 miles (15020 km) from Castro on Chile’s south coast to Lund on BC’s Sunshine Coast. The 87-mile (139-km) stretch of Highway 101 between Langdale and Lund outperforms its size. Dozens of parks with biking, hiking, and ski trails; canoe and kayak routes; beaches; and coastal viewpoints are easily reached from the highway.

This is the view Robyn and I woke up to:

Lund, BC in the morning

The rooms at the Lund Hotel were incredibly comfy and we slept like babies (at least I did – Robyn says that her room was equally awesome).

The Lund Hotel (Lund, BC)

Desolation Sound and Savary Island are areas where you can also take a holiday, and trust me, once you get to Lund, all you’ll want to do is take it really easy, as it’s very peaceful and welcoming. At least, that’s how *I* felt!

Disclosure: I participated on the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011 as part of a media trip. My accommodations and transportation are compliments of our hosts and the tourism agencies in charge. I paid for a few miscellaneous expenses associated with this trip, specifically incidentals and my own shopping etc. You can follow along my adventures on the Sunshine Coast through this tag.

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