From Langdale to Lund: A Sunshine Coast Art Crawl #TravelTuesday

A couple of years ago, at one of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC), BC Chapter meetings I talked with a number of folks from the Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast tourism boards, and I mentioned I would at some point, come and visit the Sunshine Coast. It took me THIS LONG to do so. The Sunshine Coast (or the Sunshine Coast Regional District, as it is known in governance terms) is absolutely beautiful.

The first thing that totally shocked me was that it was so close: Gibsons is literally 40 minutes by ferry from Horseshoe Bay. And the second one: it’s not island terrain. It’s actually on the mainland! I felt so ignorant about geography when I realized this.

I was accompanied on this tour by Andrea from Vancouver Coast Mountains (VCMC) and Andrea (Sunshine Coast Tourism) and Robyn (604 Pulse), and we had an absolute blast. We ate at fine restaurants (including the Laughing Oyster in Okeover Arm, and Chasters at the Bonniebrook Lodge in Gibsons), we listened to live music (at the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek), and we saw beautiful art all the way from Langdale to Lund. Literally, we art-crawled.

I will have a series of blog posts about where we stayed, where we ate and a few of the great artists we visited from town to town. These blog posts will be released as a series throughout the next 2 or 3 weeks. Trust me, I have more than enough content. I took 750 photos on this trip. You can follow those posts via my tag “Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011″

Some of the art we saw on the first day:

Gordon Halloran (Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011)

Gordon Halloran

Nadina Tandy (SCAC 2011)

Nadina Tandy

Mardi (Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011)


It was really an amazing trip. We experienced the warmth and hospitality of local artists, B&B owners and restaurant folks. For anyone wanting to get out of the crazy pace of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, I thoroughly recommend doing a week-long or so trip crawling through the Sunshine Coast.

More information on the Sunshine Coast from the Sunshine Coast Tourism site:

The Sunshine Coast at its southernmost tip is a mere 10 miles as the crow flies from downtown Vancouver, and at its most northern point it borders on some of the most rugged natural surroundings in this beautiful province of British Columbia. Stretching 110 miles (180 km) along the shores of the Strait of Georgia from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound, the Sunshine Coast has much to offer visitors. With its coastal mountain range, old growth forests, lakes and inlets, each stop along the Sunshine Coast offers visitors a unique sense of place, featuring local history, cultural heritage and natural attractions. Immerse yourself in marine activities such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, pleasure cruising, sport fishing, scuba diving, swimming, beachcombing and more!

Amongst the things that intrigued me the most was the fact that there is a lot of stuff that we don’t know about towns we visited. For example, I found Powell River intriguing. It has restructured from being a more industrial town to more of a tourist destination. And it has some really neat displays. Lund, a town founded by Swedes. Who knew?! And who knew that Mile Zero of Highway 101 (the one who goes all the way south to Chile) is in Lund?! I stood RIGHT THERE.

I love the Sunshine Coast. There, I said it.

Disclosure: I participated on the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011 as part of a media trip. My accommodations and transportation are compliments of our hosts and the tourism agencies in charge. I paid for a few miscellaneous expenses associated with this trip, specifically incidentals and my own shopping etc. You can follow along my adventures on the Sunshine Coast through this tag.

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Agnes Toews-AndrewsNovember 2nd, 2011 at 8:53 am

I just unearthed your blog. You were at the ‘Art Crawl; along the Sunshine Coast October 21st weekend. I’m glad you love the SC. I was #87. Regrets we didn’t score an encounter! I’ve read your manifesto for 2011. You still have 59 days to read. How has the reading gone so far? Have you read the book by national best selling author, Sunshine Coaster, Agnes Toews-Andrews, titled, ‘The Goddess Lives?’ It is a book of jewels for both men and women.

I had a dream, that we needed a resurgence of the Divine Feminine or the planets negative men would go too far. In my dream Grandmother Butterfly ( an ancient being who birthed the earth at the Permian era) showed me the Rays of Creation. (As you are a fellow that can speed read and has photographic memory I think you would be able to fast forward, meditate and comprehend these discoveries.)

Therefore, I am writing to you today to let you know that my collection of wisdom regarding the Goddess: invocations, prayers and insights based on historical research, travels to sacred sites and inner journeys has been fully exposed in this my latest book, ‘The Goddess Lives!’ Here’s where it will become more interesting, where you fit in: the empowering material in the book honors women as hearth keepers and men as protectors of creation and promotes the return to earth-centred values by adopting a localized community and economy as, “She needs this change to survive, environmentally.”

Heartfelt stories? Yes. Passionate? Yes. Adventure? Yes. Exploration at the Inca doorway at Aramu Muru, in Peru? Yes. Truthful? Yes. It seems to have sparked a new faith in an ancient way of being, living~ a return to a matrilineal society where there is balance between male and female on planet earth.

I would like to forward 2 copies of ‘The Goddess Lives’ to you; one for you and one as a give-away.

Thanks for your attention!
With great love, Agnes Toews-Andrews

Agnes Toews-AndrewsNovember 2nd, 2011 at 8:56 am

Feel free, Raul, to post this message on your blog.

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