Woza Afrika and Education without Borders

Bouquet of Beaded Flowers

Beaded Flowers on Flickr, Photo Credit: Andrei Shevelov

Last weekend I (Jessica) enjoyed the lovely evening fundraiser, Woza Afrika. The night featured dance and choirs in an effort to raise funds for Education without Borders programs in schools in South Africa.

One of my favourite things of the evening – given that I love small, simple things – was the beautiful hand-beaded flowers made in South Africa being sold. For the small price of $5 (think about how much fresh flowers cost! And those don’t even last…) you could buy a little flower in a variety of colours, or a number of other beaded assorted items. These flowers also serve as a reminder of the event and the cause: those in South Africa.

If this is something that speaks to you, there are 3 main ways to get involved with Education without Borders: Attend an event (there will be more in the future!), volunteer your time, or donate. Follow @EwB_Canada on Twitter to find out what’s going on!

Jessica attended the Woza Afrika concert in representation of Hummingbird604.com on tickets graciously provided by the organizers. A post was not required nor a favorable review expected, but this is such a great cause that completely deserves being covered. As always, Raul retains editorial control over everything posted on his site.

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