Calgary designated as the Cultural Capital of Canada 2012

I am in no way, shape or form surprised that Calgary has been successful in their bid to be designated as The Cultural Capital of Canada 2012. Despite the amazing arts scene that we have in British Columbia, cuts in funding to the arts, and the fact that we have a local culture that favours sports like hockey and so on over forms of artistic expression (you DO remember the whole new roof of BC Place thing, right?). We have great infrastructure for professional sports, yet funding for struggling artists is cut. Well done, policy-makers (and yes, it’s sarcasm).


Credit: Kevin Saff on Flickr.

But Alberta, and specifically Calgary has been focusing more on the arts, something I am quite happy about (now, I am saying this without specific quantitative data, but to the best of my understanding, remember that while I live in Vancouver, I do have a brother, many close friends and lots of followers who live in Calgary, so I am well appraised of what the arts scene is like there).

Last year I engaged with Tourism Calgary to increase my coverage of the arts scene in Calgary with Mozart in the City, something I’m quite proud of having done. And I’m quite glad that Calgary is doing so much in 2012. Hopefully Mayors in the Metro Vancouver area and Lower Mainland will do something equally good soon. I also recently covered Alberta Ballet’s Love Lies Bleeding, and I actively try to promote arts not only in British Columbia but all over Canada.

From the press release:

In 2012, Calgarians will celebrate the city’s collective cultural achievements and dream big about Calgary’s role as a cultural centre of Canada. Calgary 2012 is an independent, non-profit organization that helps showcase Calgary’s culture and create legacy projects to encourage future cultural achievements. The goals of the organization are to raise awareness of the richness of Calgary’s cultural assets, empower cultural celebration and participation in every community in Calgary, to build a stronger sense of identity and have local and national impact. 2012 marks the centennial anniversaries of the Calgary Stampede, the City of Calgary Department of Recreation and The Calgary Public Library as well as the Grand Theatre and the Pumphouse.

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Chris @ Hi Tech Calgary PaintersApril 13th, 2012 at 11:56 am

It’s great to see Calgary doing so much to bring culture and entertainment to the city.

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