Broken Social Scene at the Malkin Bowl (review)

Broken Social Scene

Photo provided by Live Nation West and used with permission

A few weeks ago we ran a giveaway for Broken Social Scene. I (Anabelle) used to listen to Broken Social Scene quite a bit as an undergrad, but I hadn’t heard them for a while, so I was happy to attend their concert at the Malkin Bowl on September 24th.

I got there just in time for the main act. The Malkin Bowl was about half-full at this point, so I found myself a cozy spot on the hill where I could see both stage and crowd.

The crowd was certainly happy when the band showed up on stage; the first five songs were lively and dance-y. I was happy to hear old favourites like “Shoreline” and “Fire-Eye’d Boy” and even a cover of a Modest Mouse song. I don’t know their more recent stuff but the crowd certainly did!

The best thing about the concert was the instrumentation. The music was complex and used a wide variety of instruments that added depth and interest. Lisa Songstein’s voice was a welcome addition to the main singer’s and listening to “Shoreline” brought me back to when I was working as a librarian in Concordia. Good memories there!

However, after the first half of the show, Broken Social Scene went through their more mellow songs and I felt the crowd’s energy drop. While at first there was a lot of hand waving and picture-taking and screaming, the crowd became more quiet and stopped moving. Energy came back up a bit by the end but I personally felt like I’d lost a bit of interest.

The entire set lasted about one hour and fifteen minutes, 15 minutes more than usual. It was their last Canadian concert and they gave it their all (considering they were in Victoria on Friday, too, it’s a lot of moving around!). Our giveaway winner certainly seemed to have a lot a fun, according to her Twitter feed!

Disclaimer: Anabelle attended the concert on a reviewer pass provided to We were not otherwise paid for the review. Raul maintains editorial control at all times.

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