Quadra Island (Discovery Islands, British Columbia)

Whenever I travel on a media/press trip I make a point of discovering more than the actual resort that invited me (in this case, the April Point Resort in Quadra Island, part of the Oak Bay Marine Group). While I came to Quadra Island this past weekend specifically to cover Tastes of April Point 2011, I wanted to see if I was able to visit part of the island. The general management of April Point Resort (thanks Mike!) and the manager of the dining room (thanks, Mariana!) were kind enough to arrange for a driving guided tour of Quadra Island.

Quadra Island DriveThrough

Well, not ALL Quadra Island. But at least, part of it. I got to see at least the 3 major neighbourhoods in Quadra Island. From the website:

Located across Discovery Passage from Campbell River, Quadra Island is home to a vibrant community with strong ties to the land and sea. Some islanders continue to make their living in traditional resource-based industries like fishing and forestry. Others work as artists, writers, shop and gallery owners, and in a full complement of professional services. A large number of active, community-minded retirees live on the island. Local events–from festivals to cultural performances–are largely organized by volunteers.

As we drove through Quadra Island, a number of my followers began suggesting where to go, including Rebecca Spit Provincial Park. It’s literally a spit of land, and beautiful even with the weather as crappy as it was (rainy and cold).

Quadra Island DriveThrough

I had an opportunity to see the Vancouver Island Public Library (Quadra Island branch) which is at Heriot Bay, one of the 3 main neighbourhoods/areas of Quadra Island. You would need to drive from point A to point B to point C within Quadra Island, or bike (if you have robust legs).

Quadra Island DriveThrough

Quathiaski Cove and Heriot Bay have grocery stores, post offices, hair salons, laundromats, restaurants, and pubs. There are two doctors and a dentist maintaining separate clinics on the island, as well as a pharmacy. Quadra also has a credit union, building supply store, gas station, and taxi service.

We also got to drive to the lighthouse at Cape Mudge. I am told by Lynne that there are a number of sunk boats that are also attractive for scuba divers to go and check out around that area. And lots of camping (for those brave souls who like to camp – I’m not a camper myself).

Quadra Island DriveThrough

Quadra Island is home to approximately 2,700 year-round residents. The island’s population swells during the summer with the arrival of seasonal residents, tourists from near and far, and seasonal workers. Most of the full time residents live on the southern half of the island, with the three main population centres located at Quathiaski Cove, Heriot Bay, and Cape Mudge Village. Cape Mudge Village (Yucalta), at the south end of the island, is home to the Wei-Wai-Kai band of the Kwagiulth First Nation.

We went on a drive through of Quathiaski Cove (where you catch the ferry that crosses you from Campbell River to Quadra Island and back), Cape Mudge Village (where we saw a lot of the Wei-Wai-Kai First Nations band’s stuff – it was pretty impressive), and a bit of Heriot Bay. Overall, it was I think a very nice overall round-up of Quadra Island and I look forward to spending more time visiting and getting to know this gem of the Discovery Islands.

Quadra Island DriveThrough

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TylerIngramSeptember 27th, 2011 at 7:39 am

Robyn has family that lives on Quadra, they keep inviting us over but we havent had time to visit. We really want to check it out. Also, do you get to Cortez via Quadra?

MarinaSeptember 27th, 2011 at 10:33 pm

I grew up on Quadra and it’s a special spot to go back to. During high school I worked in that very library and have great memories of coffee breaks on that porch. Great to hear that you enjoyed your time there!

And yes, Tyler, you get to Cortes from Campbell River via Quadra.
Marina recently posted..A Pass For A Pass

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