Charlie’s Angels (2011: Angel with a Broken Wing. Episode 1 review)

That I am a fan of Charlie’s Angels is no secret to anyone, but the most amazing thing is that I actually like this re-imagination of the iconic 70′s show. In this version, after a successful rescue, the Angels (Abby and Kate) are faced with the loss of one of their original members (Gloria) who is killed by a villain that shares some dark secrets with Gloria’s cousin, Eve. Much along the lines of Executive Producer Drew Barrymore’s previous incarnations of Charlie’s Angels, this version isn’t excessively gory. Although, contrary to the Barrymore-produced Charlie’s Angels movies, in this TV show you will find gun-toting Angels.

I did not expect the show to have an extremely thoughtful, articulate dramatic saga. It’s Charlie’s Angels, after all. Minka Kelly (Eve) is excellent as the somewhat vulnerable Eve, a rogue street car-racer. Rachael Taylor (Abby) is brilliant as the blonde, physically-nimble-and-strong cat burglar. Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) is perfect as the former tough cop (fallen from grace) who is now one of the 3 Angels. And finally, a hot man personifies Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez). And this Bosley does not pull punches.

The first episode opens with a successful “mission accomplished” that goes nicely until Gloria’s car explodes. The rest of the episode (and season opener) deals with how Abby and Kate need to learn to trust Eve, and how Eve fights to put her demons to rest, and avenge Gloria’s death. For a show that is as campy as its original, Charlie’s Angels (the 2011 reinvention) doesn’t disappoint. I had a great time watching the premiere.

If you are in Canada, and specifically Vancouver you can catch Charlie’s Angels on CTV.

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