Happy belated Independence Day, Mexico!

Mexican Summits Mt. Rainier
photo credit: papalars

I have had such a challenging week with 6 major project dropping at the same time (book chapters, journal articles revise-and-resubmit, and a final report and presentation, amongst other things) that I completely forgot about Mexican Independence Day. My parents live relatively close to Dolores Hidalgo, where the “Grito de la Independencia” marked the beginning of the Mexican Independence War.

While I have been living in Canada for many, many years, I still feel very Mexican. I’m proud first and foremost of my family, my friends, and the successes and accomplishments of many of my fellow Mexicans. I celebrate the wonderful culture, cuisine, customs. I know some Mexicans who live in Canada (or other countries) and who left Mexico embittered and angry. I didn’t. I love Mexico and feel perfectly fine when I visit my parents.

One of my former childhood friends unfriended me on Facebook because, according to him, I had forgotten where I came from and grew up. That’s completely untrue and it does hurt me. I love Canada, and it has adopted me and welcomed me with open arms. But I have done A LOT of work for Mexico. In fact, my research has contributed substantially to the development of Mexican environmental policy in the fields of hazardous waste management and water governance. I feel deeply insulted that someone would think that I don’t feel proud of Mexico.

I celebrate Mexico and Mexican culture, despite the challenges and bad reputation that it’s getting from mainstream media worldwide. Mexico is a wonderful country and I would appreciate it if people realized that.

Viva Mexico!

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