The Nabob Coffee Company 115th Anniversary in Vancouver

When my Mom and I went to Costco this year to buy coffee, we got Nabob. I have always loved their coffee. Imagine my surprise when I got invited to the celebration of the 115th Anniversary of Nabob Coffee Company in Vancouver. I did NOT realize it was a Vancouver icon!

Nabob's 115 Anniversary

Nabob's 115 Anniversary

The first Nabob coffee is created by carefully selecting the world’s highest quality Arabica beans to create a unique blend. Nabob’s coffee history begins with a new product called Tradition. Nabob sources more than 60 percent of its coffee beans from Rainforest AllianceCertified™ farms. These farms have met standards for holistic farm management, which benefit the environment, workers and communities.

Nabob's 115 Anniversary

Congratulations to Nabob on their 115th Anniversary! I’ll continue to drink their coffee even more so now that I know they are a Vancouver tradition in business!

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Dave KingOctober 8th, 2011 at 10:26 am

Well 115 years may have passed since Nabob was first established in Vancouver, but alas it is also 13 years since Nabob was processed in Vancouver.

Today it is processed in San Leandro California and trucked all over Canada from there.

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