Happy birthday, Airdrie Miller! (@airdriehislop)

Airdrie and Raul

Airdrie Hislop Miller is one of my very best friends. Whenever I think of the good things that blogging has brought to my life, I think of Airdrie and our friendship. A few years ago, when I was still a relatively newbie blogger, Airdrie invited me for dinner to her house, to one of the great gatherings she and Derek used to host. Airdrie welcomed me as though we had been best friends for years. And I cherished that openness and warmth. I still do.

Through the years, Airdrie and I have been able to work together in things, and I’ve done projects thanks to her inspiration. In 2009, Air organized a panel at Northern Voice, the blogging/social media/geek conference, where she assembled a panel of speakers (another two good friends of mine, Tod Maffin and Isabella Mori) who spoke openly, candidly and incredibly about the challenges of mental illness (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.) and how social media could be used to, in fact, cope digitally.

Airdrie had blogged about depression for a while, and her courage always has inspired me as she’s one of the most ardent advocates of de-stigmatization of mental illness. Her strength and amazing ability to deal with Derek’s illness in the way she did, and how she has managed to continue to raise her kids (both of whom I love and adore) is an inspiration day after day. Whenever I feel down, I think of how strong Airdrie is and how she’s done everything she has and I stop whining.

Airdrie and RaulThrough the years, Air has made me a part of her projects too. The host and founder of award-winning podcast and blog, Lip Gloss and Laptops, a podcast and blog about the beauty and cosmetics industry, Airdrie invited me to be a guest host and I’ve often reviewed colognes on the site. Airdrie, I’ve told you this many times in person, in private and I can also do it publicly: every day your strength, courage and drive inspires me. Your friendship has kept me sane in more ways than I can count, and the good times we’ve spent as we have built our friendship have been great reminders of how blessed I am to call you a friend, and a very good friend in fact.

You have kept me in check and encouraged me to take better care of myself even when I forget to do so myself. And you are the best partner-in-crime for any event I could ever think of. You make my life better every day, just by being you.

Air, I’m extremely proud of calling you a friend and I wish you the very best today and every day.

Happy birthday.

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