Fresh Bowl (Gastown)

Fresh Bowl (Gastown)Despite what some people may think, I decline a substantial number of media dinner/lunch invites. Not because I don’t love them (who doesn’t love free food?), but because for the most part (a) either my schedule is too busy or (b) I want to go visit and pay with my own money so that people don’t even have the minimal qualm about whether I’m doing a non-biased review (despite the fact that I always write a disclosure). So while I was sad to have missed Fresh Bowl‘s invites, I was glad to come here for lunch. Long story made short? It’s good, very good. Weird pricing strategy, but good overall.

I ordered a Spicy Sambal with chicken (which ended up being from $7.00 to $10 – they added the chicken on top, something that I wasn’t really all that impressed with). My lunch colleague had a Thai green curry with vegetable (again, $7.00 plus $1.95 of the veggies). I would definitely prefer to know exactly the price of what I’m buying instead of this “on top of”.

Fresh Bowl (Gastown)

My spicy sambal with chicken was tasty, spicy, and at some points a tad too spicy, but overall it was very nice. I’m glad I tried Fresh Bowl at least once (and I’ll have to say – smarty pants, because they found out I went there for lunch even though I came unannounced. I *always* do that at restaurants, so I don’t get special treatment. And nobody seemed to have recognized me there, but they posted on Twitter that they knew I had eaten there. Wowza). Overall, a bit on the overpriced side of things, tasty but a tad too spicy, but I’ll probably come back at some point. Not a place that I’m going to eat for lunch every day, but I can come visit on occasion.

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Disclosure: I paid for my lunch and that of my colleague on my own dime. My views are my own, and I retain editorial control over anything published on my site

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karenJuly 22nd, 2012 at 12:20 am

I don’t think the food is overpriced for the location it’s at but i wouldnt return because service is horrible and food bland

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