Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante (Burrard and Smithe, Downtown Vancouver)

You know, despite the vicinity with some of the biggest players in the food industry, and in the movie industry, somehow I’m not all completely thrilled with Pacifico Pizza (otherwise known as Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante), located on Smithe between Burrard and Hornby. Don’t get me wrong: their food is very good. But I don’t know why, with their beautiful decor and ambiance, with their wonderful staff and their excellent service, and with the lovely oven that you can see from afar, I found the food good, but not AMAZING.

Pacifico Pizzeria (Downtown Vancouver, Robson and Smithe)You know what I mean? Their food is very good, don’t be mistaken. But it’s a special kind of “very good”. As in, very good of the type “sure, let’s go for dinner there” instead of “let’s make a special trip for this“. But given its proximity with Scotiabank Theatres, I can totally and safely recommend having dinner at Pacifico Pizza. In particular, I loved their meat balls. Very well prepared, and spicy.

I took my Mom there this past month when she was visiting, and we ordered our usual standard order when we visit Italian restaurants in Vancouver. I went on the safe side of a Puttanesca, and my Mom ordered spaghetti with meat balls. At $13 price point for a VERY large portion, Pacifico Pizza is inexpensive and definitely a “must try at least once“. If you’re going to go watch a movie, you definitely can (and probably should) come have a pizza or some pasta.

Pacifico Pizzeria (Downtown Vancouver, Robson and Smithe)

Disclosure: I paid for both my Mom and my dinner on my own dime. All views are mine. I retain full editorial control on anything published on my site.

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John PoliasOctober 12th, 2011 at 7:08 pm

How could you not mention the appalling olives on the pizzas – small, tasteless, dried-out tyres. A real pity that a good base, piquant sauce and satisfactory meat and artichokes should be spoilt by the so-called olives. As I said to the waiter, “It is as if someone crapped in their own nest.”

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